Frequently Asked Questions

Within the Continental range the majority of styles is manufactured at our state-of-the-art factory in rural Bangladesh, some top-end styles are made in Turkey and a few fleece styles are made in China. EarthPositive and Salvage ranges are produced entirely in India.

The garments comply with the general performance standards in the clothing retail industry. Some shrinkage and twisting may occur after washing but will stay within the acceptable limits for dimensional stability performance. To minimize shrinking and twisting, it is recommended that the wash temperature does not exceed 40C in a standard or delicate washing cycle, and the garments are reshaped before drying on a line or flat. Hot washes and tumble drying is likely to affect the dimensional stability of the garments and may also cause fading of colour. For the sake of protecting the environment, we say: wash at 30C or below, do not tumble dry, line dry and only iron when necessary.

All our garments are reactive dyed and ready for decorating in a wide variety of screen printing techniques including discharge printing, heat transfers, sublimation printing and embroidery. The garments perform particularly well in digital direct-to-garment printing.

Continental garments have a plain size label in the back neck and a logo on the inside wash/care label. EarthPositive garments have a back neck label with size, the EarthPositive “Tick” symbol and the wording “Climate Neutral”. The inside wash/care label has the EP and low carbon logos. Salvage garments have a back neck label with size, the Salvage “Links” symbol and the wording “100% Recycled”. The inside wash/care label has the Salvage logo and certification marks. All the wash/care labels carry the FWF symbol except the products made in China.

All orders are usually picked, packed and despatched the same or next working day. The transit time depends on the delivery service.


All product lines are regularly replenished. We strive to minimize “out of stock” periods, however periodically, especially in high season, items may be out of stock for a period of time. The Webshop shows details of forthcoming deliveries.
Samples are non-returnable. Faulty garments can be returned free of charge for credit or exchange within 28 days of supply. Unwanted garments may be returned, subject to approval, within 28 days of supply but a re-stocking fee of 20% will be applied. In every case, a returns form has to be submitted through the Webshop, and an official authorization received before any goods are sent back. Please note, unauthorized returns will be rejected by the warehouse. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions.
All new customers will be set up on a pro-forma basis, which means the cost of goods and transport has to be pre-paid before delivery. Orders are placed and payments made through our secure online Webshop. Established customers with a trading history are welcome to apply for credit facilities.
The Webshop shows live inventory of all our stock products.

Samples are to be purchased like regular orders.


Yes, we have warehouses and stock available In the UK and Germany, which handle all our international orders. 

For orders within the UK, please contact  – (Also services Ireland)

For orders within EUROPE, please contact  – 

For orders within JAPAN, please contact  – 

For orders within AUSTRALIA & NEW ZELAND, please contact  –

The buyer is responsible for paying the additional costs such as duties, taxes, and customs clearance fees. These charges can vary widely and are often based on the price and type of item, package weight and dimensions, origin country, and the taxes, duties, and fees of the destination country. We are here for you. If you need to contact us for whatever reason, please do not hesitate to email [email protected]


Customer is responsible for inspecting the merchandise upon receipt. Customer shall notify Seller in writing WITHIN 7 DAYS OF CUSTOMER’S RECEIPT OF THE MERCHANDISE of any claims for damages resulting from late delivery or any defect in the merchandise discovered by Customer, including, without limitation, claims related to shortages, quality, or specification. Seller shall not be responsible for shortages when shipments are directed to a third party other than Customer. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL SELLER ACCEPT CLAIMS OR RETURNS OF MERCHANDISE WHICH HAS BEEN ALTERED OR MODIFIED IN ANY MANNER (DYED, PRINTED, EMBROIDERED, RELABELED, LAUNDERED ,TAG REMOVED OR THE LIKE). Seller shall not be responsible for fallout or loss which occurs during the garment dye process. Seller urges Customer to periodically test the merchandise for dyability, printability and other decoration techniques.



Companies are eligible for trade pricing.

To qualify for trade pricing, you must be in one of the industries listed below:

– Printer
– Embroiderer
– Merchandise
– Uniform
– Promotional

Yes, for companies that are eligible for trade pricing.

To qualify for trade pricing, you must be in one of the industries listed below:

– Printer
– Embroiderer
– Merchandise
– Uniform
– Promotional

Each product page has bulk pricing rates listed.

These bulk rates apply to a single style and can be split over multiple sizes and colours.

Corporate Values

Continental Clothing actively pursues the highest standards of corporate social responsibility, which is reflected in its corporate values:

We are committed to conducting our dealings in an ethical manner, by complying with all laws and acting in a transparent and socially responsible way.

We will continue to develop high value-adding services to provide to our customers and to benefit our suppliers; and provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

We are committed to adopting the highest professional standards in our operations.

We will continuously pursue fresh approaches and ideas in marketing and product development to be applied throughout the supply chain.

We encourage and assist the entire supply chain to adopt environmentally sustainable and ethical production methods.

Continental Clothing is a member of the FairWear Foundation and GOTS-certified.

According to the regulations of FairWear and GOTS you are not allowed to use the labels for your purposes. You can find more information about the guidelines and logo here:



Of course, you can also get more information directly from us.

Contact us


Import Duty and Taxes

“Please note that orders shipped from our UK warehouse to the USA, with a value under $800, are currently exempt from import duty. This means you can shop our collection of stylish apparel from across the pond without worrying about additional fees.

It’s important to note that this exemption applies to orders under $800 only. If your order exceeds this amount, you may be subject to additional charges, which vary depending on the type of apparel and the value of the order.

For more information on US import duty rates, we recommend consulting with a customs broker or the US Customs and Border Protection agency.

The customer is responsible for all shipping and freight charges to, FOB Seller’s warehouse. Orders received before 3:00 PM will be shipped the same day, subject to availability. Inventory will fluctuate on seasonal items. Orders are normally shipped by UPS for all clients in the US and Canada.

Seller will ship using a carrier designated by Customer upon request. However, if a carrier designated by Customer charges Seller for such charges due to the Seller having an invalid or delinquent account, the amount of such charge plus a 20GBP handling fee will be billed to Customer and payable upon receipt.

The seller will not be responsible for shipping delays caused by a carrier. Shipping charges may be billed separately.


Access to the World’s Best.

At Organic T-shirts, we partner with like-minded ethical screen printers and decorators excited to work in partnership with us, ultimately enabling front-end clients and brands access to the world’s best sustainable fashion apparel blank brands that Organic T-shirts proudly distribute.

Open a trade account and have access to the following:

Access to the World’s Best

At CCC Japan, we partner with like-minded ethical screen printers and decorators that are excited to work in partnership with us, ultimately enabling front-end clients and brands access to the world’s best sustainable fashion apparel blank brands that CCC Japan proudly distributes.